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Practice of public speaking beats fear of public speaking

Why are you a nervous speaker. What is the problem ?


Most people have this fear and if you are not a practiced speaker you have to learn how to control it. Take the following steps and you will control your fear

Give yourself time

Don't just worry about your speech start preparing early. It takes about 3-4 free evenings in a row the day before your speech to prepare

Decide how long you want to speak

10 minutes is a long time for speaking. 20 in nearly to long for anybody to bear unless they are being paid to listen to you. Whatever the time decide how long and that will affect the rest of the process

Write it all down

Write out what you want to say in as long a format as you want. Don't worry how much you write.

Say it our loud and record your voice

Your will probably find that you have gone over or under time

Cut out bits or add more to your notes


your will keep forgetting bits of your speech but gradually after perhaps about 20 times the speech will start to sink into your brain

As you keep editing your notes and recording yourself you will naturally know what to drop and keep.

Keep at it until you have done it a number of times from memory and the fatigue of practicing is greater than the fear of speaking.

At that stage you will be ready and you will be ready to meet the challenge.

On the Day

You will always feel the fear but if your are prepared well your inner self knows that you have all that preparation done and that will give you the confidence to be able to perform.

Going forward

The more you go through this process the better you will get. If you really want to come across as a very good speaker join a Toastmaster club and get lots of practice. Then the next time you are required to speak you will be like a well oiled machine in terms of over coming the fear.

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