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Communicating Online

People join Toastmasters to improve their communication and leadership skills, and in particular their public speaking skills.

Public speaking is about standing up in front of a live audience, connecting with them and communicating a message.

There is a thrill, an excitement, an adrenaline rush when it comes to facing a live audience.

However, during these COVID-19 times, this is not possible and Toastmasters, for the time being, is now limited to online meetings. Online meetings present a different challenge.

It is a different form of communication and gives us the opportunity to continue to improve our communication skills in a different forum. The audience is still a live audience, but it is an online live audience.

The adrenaline rush is still there. Adrenaline is the fuel that helps us perform. It helps us to think faster and speak more fluently and with greater intensity than under normal conditions. Learning to communicate effectively to an online audience is vital during these times.

Many job interviews are conducted online, as indeed are many tv interviews. Covid 19 is helping us to develop a whole new set of skills.

Why not join us at Temple Bar Toastmasters and see your communication skills take off. We meet every 2nd Tuesday (online for the moment) from 8th September 2020. Come along and learn by doing with helpful, constructive feedback and a receptive and supportive audience.

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